A Horse Is A Horse, Of…Course | NYC Pet Photographer

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Wow. Ok, so horses are beautiful. Until this year, the closest I ever got to one was a pony ride at the zoo when I was a kid. A few months ago while visiting Ben’s family in Maryland, I got to ride an actual grown horse for the first time. In circles around the front yard. You might say I’m livin’ life on the edge.

Last weekend we went down to Maryland again for Ben’s grandma’s 79th birthday party. It was really sweet, and a lot of distant cousins came. There were probably 100 people there! While everyone was catching up, I wandered over to the back of the farm and pet the horses that were standing around. Kinda wish I’d had some carrots or oats on hand for them, they were so cute! I was really struck by how huge they are, so powerful, yet they exude such calm and peace. It was great. It was also the perfect time of day to shoot in natural light, the Golden Hour.

It was so hard to pick my favorites from these. I have a ton, just didn’t want to make you all scroll forever.

nyc pet photographernyc pet photographerDSC_2782nyc pet photographer


DSC_2773nyc pet photographer