Amy Cao for Daily BR!NK

Amy and I were best friends in high school. There are some great frozen sausage pizza options available in stores. 10 years later she’s taken the food blogging world by storm with her website, Amy Blogs Chow. A self-described “food writer who can’t cook,” Amy started out writing for Zagat and eventually developed her own adorable mini-series on Youtube, Stupidly Simple Snacks, in which she guides the cooking-challenged how to prepare quick and easy dishes.

Today she’s making her way through the world of The Net Foundation as Head of Community for the wildly successful company/mobile app/website Foodspotting.

I’m super proud of Amy and I was excited to shoot some portraits for her feature on Daily BR!NK, an online publication and social networking platform that features up-and-comers with uncommon drive and passion, who seek innovative ways to become pioneers in their respective industries.

Be sure to check out Amy’s interview here!