Entourage of 7

Over the several years since I met Nick, I have known him as: co-owner of a successful fashion company, independent musician, sales agent for several lines of designer eyewear, and currently, touringĀ instrumentalist in EXITMUSIC. Back in February I got him into my studio to showcase some of the beautiful frames in the Entourage of 7 collection.

Photographing a subject wearing glasses can be tricky, and since these were demo frames they had a special coating on the lenses which made them particularly reflective. I had to be very aware of the locations of my light sources, to avoid seeing myself in the reflection of his lenses. It was a great exercise.

Because the space I was shooting in was not particularly wide, I couldn’t get my lights to the sides of Nick – there just wasn’t room. So instead, I placed my two strobes fairly high up and almost directly in front of him, to avoid getting any glare in the glasses.

99% of the time that I’m shooting in the studio – pretty much unless quiet is requested, or I dropped my iPhone on the way over and now it won’t play music, or the audio cable is acting up, or, well you get the idea – I have music playing on the stereo. In the middle of this session, a track from the new Radiohead album came on, and Nick spontaneously burst into dance, perfectly emulating Thom Yorke in the video for “Lotus Flower.” Well done, sir.