Johnny Marnell at Rockwood Music Hall | NYC Concert Photographer

Shortly after Johnny’s reality tv stint on Bravo’s Platinum Hit had aired, I went to see him perform at Rockwood Music Hall. I’d seen him play there before and it’s a fairly small venue, but I had never seen it so packed! I kept waiting for someone to throw their panties or bra on stage in a fit of extreme fandom, but I guess his listeners are pretty classy because it never happened. Ohhhhh well.

Joining him on stage was a special guest, Johnny’s brother Rob singing backup vocals. Talk about a talented family! Rob has taken his talent on the theatre route, and is currently starring in the Las Vegas production of Jersey Boys. It was a real treat to catch them boys singing together!

O Johnny, I think you must be the most frequently-occuring person on my website. Thanks for letting me take your photo so often 🙂