Johnny Marnell | NYC Portrait Photographer

For the past couple of months you watched him impressing Jewel every Monday night on the BRAVO series, Platinum Hit – but when I became friends with Johnny Marnell a few short years ago, we were both working at a computer store and dreaming of paying the bills with our art. Ah, day jobs.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several of Johnny’s live performances in NYC. We decided to shoot some press photos for him on a very sweaty day in Brooklyn. Johnny was a great sport wearing that suit under the hot hot sun. Luckily he’s so photogenic that the shoot didn’t take too long, as pretty much every exposure looked good.

And just for fun at the bottom, check out some live shots from the vault!

Johnny is a fantastically talented guy and it’s been thrilling to see him finally get the exposure he deserves. Though he didn’t win the show’s competition, I’m confident that big things will continue to happen for him! #TEAMJOHNNY