Kim + Justin | NYC Wedding Photographer

In July, I had the pleasure of covering Kim + Justin’s wedding in lower Manhattan as second shooter to the wonderful Lauren Volo. Above is a photo of the entrance to the illustrious Rivington Hotel, which is where the bride got ready and also where the reception was held. The ceremony was in St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, which I had never been inside. Gorgeous.

We spent the first hour or so photographing Kim and her bridesmaids as they got ready in a perfectly lit hotel room. There’s really nothing better than shooting in 100% natural light!

I see it often enough, but there’s still something so wonderfully surreal about the sight of a full-dressed wedding party in the streets of NYC. Here, Kim adjusts her father’s boutonnière.

Next we limo’d and cabbed over to the cathedral. While Lauren shot up close to the couple, I was tasked with getting wide angle shots of the space itself, and of the crowd as they watched the ceremony.

Once outside, it was time for the formal portraits. My job was to catch the “in-between” moments, and since candid portraits are my favorite portraits, it was great!

After the portraits it was back to the Rivington Hotel for the reception, which took place on the very top floor and roof. It was perfect weather and from way up there I got one of the most amazing views of Manhattan I’ve ever seen!

Mmm, cupcakes.