New Orleans | NYC Photographer

Early in 2011, B and I spent just over a week in New Orleans. It was a first visit for both of us, and we had an amazing time! New Orleans is a compelling city to visit, steeped in history and culture. We were super lucky to have fantastic tour guides in our dear friends Loren and Kat, who took led us on a gluttonous journey of food & drink through the best local spots in town.

We arrived pretty late one night (around 3am), heading straight from the airport to Molly’s at the Market, where Loren was slingin’ beers. The next morning we woke up and walked over to BJ’s Lounge, another watering hole he works at. They were having a BBQ and I had some for breakfast. A wise choice, always.

Next we headed to Kat’s workplace, the Royal Street Deli, where I had my first taste of alligator in the form of a mouth-watering po’ boy. Yum. Just down the street, there was a little band playing. That’s one defining characteristic about New Orleans – music is everywhere!

To walk off our meal, Kat took us around to some of the most photogenic areas of the city. I have to say it’s a great advantage to have another photographer showing you around!

The whole city was preparing for Mardi Gras, so practically every house was adorned with vibrant colors!

Over the next few afternoons we walked around the sculpture garden at New Orleans City Park, went into the aquarium, and checked out a drive-thru daiquiri place! I’m not kidding! The south is great.

On our last full day, we got a private tour of Lafayette Cemetery, one of many throughout the city. So many photo ops! Creepiness aside, it was a beautiful and serene place, I could probably have spent all day photographing the headstones and crypts.

This bulldog was hanging out inside one of the bars we passed! At the bar! Such a gentleman!

New Orleans (and Loren and Kat!), I look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂