Puppy Fever | NYC Pet Photographer

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Who doesn’t love baby animals? Come on. If this puppy doesn’t melt your heart, YOU PROBABLY DON’T HAVE ONE.

No, but seriously. This is Jack. He’s ten weeks old, a mix between a silky terrier and chihuahua, and a little terror that you can’t be mad at. He belongs to Ben’s parents, so we met him when we visited them last weekend. We brought our (relatively) big puppy Charlie down with us, and had some fun watching them interact. Jack is a troublemaker; he’d nip and bark at Charlie’s ankles and then immediately run and hide behind someone’s legs or under a chair where Charlie couldn’t reach him. He definitely is full of terrier – he untied my shoes a few times while I was wearing them!

The best part about puppies (and really baby versions of anything), is that they run run run run like crazy, and then just pass out. It was hard to catch him being still long enough to grab a photo with no flash in a sort of dim room, but I managed a few lucky snaps!

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