Siena, Italy | NYC Photographer

Of all the little northside towns I visited while in Italy, one of my favorites by far was the nearby city of Siena. The town was named for Senius, son of Remus. For those of you following at home, Remus was brother to Romulus, for whom Rome was named! (I’m a huge mythology nerd. More on that later.)

Siena in my memory is characterized by dreamy, sunlit orange tile rooftops and darkened alleyways with spots of bright light peeking in.

I took these in the Siena Cathedral, where I again found myself hard pressed to pay attention to the tour guides and instead wandered off on my own looking for interesting light. In retrospect, paying attention back then would’ve saved me some time right now as I search the internet for confirmation on which photos were taken where, but oh well. I can’t help it.

We also visited a sprawling vineyard. I was impressed by the intricacies involved in getting the wine flavor just right.