Xylos @ Bowery Ballroom | NYC Concert Photographer

If you haven’t listened to Xylos yet, I’m revoking your hipster badge.

Juuuuust kidding. Who wants one of those? 😉 But seriously, this is an excellent band and they put on a hell of a show, complete with homemade LED tubes. The drummer, Chris, is a friend of mine and he called one night asking that I photograph one of their shows, so I headed over to Bowery Ballroom and got to see them do their thing. It was fantastic! Chris, this is my public apology for taking so long to get you these photos.

Before they went on stage, I hung out with the band in a little private room on the balcony where we drank and I watched them prep the LED tubes. I was also able to grab a few group snapshots before they went on. Considering how incredibly dark it was in the room and my chronic flash avoidance, I’m pleased with how the photos turned out!

Once they got on stage, I positioned myself right up front – one of the perks of being short – and I even managed to get backstage to snap a few shots of the band’s point of view. Good times!