Zach Bourne

I’m posting these photos in the reverse order that I shot them, because I can!

First up is Zach Bourne, an actor-slash-musician based out of NYC. A few weeks ago I took some photos of his band’s live show, you can check those out here if you missed it the first time around. He is extremely talented and pretty much a dream to work with; he’s comfortable in front of the camera, takes direction well and brought a great (simple) wardrobe. It was really hard for me to pick my favorites, and I’m interested to see which he chooses. This probably isn’t even a fair representation of the best headshots from the set, I always tend to prefer the outtakes and more portrait-like shots.

You’ll notice I went with a slightly warmer tone on many of these. It just seemed to suit the photos. I’ve given Zach the option to veto any creative coloring, of course, and to be fair there were a number of final images that I left alone and were more naturally colored, so he has a good selection to choose from. There were about 90 images altogether in the end.